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Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Crossbow Package Veil Alpine

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The RS470 generates speeds up to 470 FPS and is equipped with the ACUslide silent cocking and de-cocking system which allows for increase speed and safety. With a width of 6.5 inches and 3.5 pound 2-stage S1 trigger, the RS470 provides a consistent and accurate shooting experience. A 6-arrow tech quiver along with six Lighted Evo-X CenterPunch, and six Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows are included, both sets of arrows are equipped with 100-grain practice points. This crossbow fits a variety of needs, including 3d archery, bow hunting, and compound targets, all while remaining compact and balanced.

Shoots arrows up to 470 FPS
ACUslide silent cocking and de-cocking system allows you to de-cock your crossbow without shoting an arrow.
2-stage S1 trigger mechanism with 3.5 lb trigger break.
17-inch power stroke generates more speed with less draw weight.
Tec-X stock for reduced size