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Savur Bowfishing Float

Savur Bowfishing Float

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SAVUR OUTDOORS Bowfishing Floats give you the peace of mind that your bow is not going to be gone forever if it goes overboard.  Savur Outdoors Bow Floats are a recovery system that allows you to pull your bow from up to 60 feet of water if it goes in unexpectedly.  When your bow goes overboard, you simply locate the float that has risen to the surface and pull your bow up.  If your bow seems to be lodged, do not pull until you break the line.  20-pound test braided fishing line is no match for the strings on your bow, especially when your bow is hung on a branch 20 feet underwater, so pull with caution.  You can always use the float and line as a direct link to your bow to recover safely. 

Savur Outdoors Bowfishing Floats are exceptionally light weight, weighing 2.2 Oz., they do not add unwanted performance robbing bulk to your bow just to keep it safe.  They are also extremely water resistant, so fishing in heavy rain, or battling big fish that are trying to drench you to get away is no problem.  We utilize our patented plug system to work with mother nature.  As your bow falls in the water, atmospheric pressure automatically increases and forces its way through our plug to deploy the float.   

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